Pet Damage

Pet damage to your carpet is a common issue that pet owners will face at some point in their life. It’s inevitable that it is going to happen, but it is not impossible to repair. It can be hard to see your carpet ripped to shreds and not think that it’s time to replace your carpet.

Before making an expensive decision like that, talk to the professionals at Carpet Repair Colorado Springs. We can help you save some serious money.

We are here to help keep more of your hard earn money in your bank account working for you instead of working for someone else. It starts with a simple phone call and from there we will work our magic.

Our IICRC trained carpet repair technicians will apply their expert knowledge to your unique situation and craft a carpet repair plan that will be sure to make your pet damage issue a thing of the past.

Pet Damage Repair Strategies

Depending on the extent of the damage, our carpet repair technicians will use one of two repair strategies for your carpet.

Carpet with extensive damage will require a permanent section which in layman’s terms means we will cut out the damaged section of carpet and replace it with a new unblemished section of carpet. Our technicians will blend the two pieces of carpet together to create a seamless repair.

For carpet with less extensive damage, a carpet stretching may be all that is needed. If you are ready for your carpet to look brand new, contact the carpet repair professionals at Carpet Repair Colorado Springs by calling 719-259-3055 today.