I’m a Colorado native, born in Rocky Ford and raised in La Junta. I moved to the Denver Area immediately after High School Graduation to attend the University of Denver where I studied business and finance. After college I entered the insurance industry as a Sales agent, Sales Manager and Sales Director. 

I enjoyed 20 years in the Insurance Industry which provided a very comfortable living for my family. It also provided the opportunity to place my theoretical business and marketing knowledge in practical real world situations. 

As a father of two kids growing way to quick, it was time to create more autonomy. Along with my career in the insurance industry I owned a commercial cleaning business with my now ex wife. We still operate as a team to achieve a common goal for the welfare of our children. 

With the knowledge obtained by watching the mother of my children operate a successful niche cleaning business and running the more rigorous aspects of cleaning such as carpet, upholstery and rug cleaning along her side, I decided that it was time to combine my ability to work with my hands with my experience in business, marketing and sales.

This has proven to be the perfect mix of my abilities! My mantra that I have barrows from a musician friend of mine is ‘Love what you do or do something else!’